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Voltran Voltran Voltran! The Chavs!!

Tim Burgess (Charlatans)

Carlos' Bârat (Dirty Pretty Things)

Duffy (Primal Scream)

Andy Burrows (Razorlight)

Jaime Reynolds (Klaxons)

The Chavs are the new supergroup featuring members of The Charlatans, Klaxons And Dirty Pretty Things, and fans will be astonished by the news that they are set to head into the recording studio.

Comprising of The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds and Dirty Pretty Things' Carl Barat, The Chavs are one of the most talked about collaborations of the year. Thought by fans to be a humble knockabout, the band has suddenly taken a serious twist after Tim Burgess announced that they were planning to head into the recording studio later in the year.

Rumoured to be very avant garde, the band are waiting on Carl Barat to recover from acute pancreatitus - a complaint that has forced the former Libertine to visit hospital.

The Chavs have set an initial date for recording as some time in August / September, with no word on a possible tour or release date for the resultant record.

Posted by Sarp* 19:33


  1. serdarcharliebrown said...
    tim burgess carl barat ve razorlight hayranlığından bahsedip duruyordu zaten.
    Sarp* said...
    Hepsinin tembellikleri ortak noktaları heralde.. Dedikleri gibi stüdyoya girerlerse albüm yapmak adına oldkça enteresan bişeyler çıkabilir bence (( :

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